• 1. Everything you need to know about Wavy

    1.1 Are their different sizes of ear sleeves and tips?
    The Wavy ear cover is universal and designed for persons of 16 years and older.
    3 sizes of earplugs are included in the box: S, M, L.

    1.2 Where can I buy Wavy?
    You can buy Wavy through our webshop, festivals at festivals where we are at one of our resellers in the neighbourhood in your area.

    1.3 Is Wavy CE certified?
    All Wavy products are tested and CE Certified by Notified Body.

    1.4 What payment methods do we receive?
    We use different payment methods, these are discussed below.
    The Wavy-earplugs.com payment system is SSL certified to ensure secure online shopping at Wavy-earplugs.com.

    PayPal special a discount plane that competitive transactions can be done. By means of an e-mail address, linked to a personal account with financial data, you are authorized to make and receive money in a safe and simple way. We encourage our international customers to use PayPal for an enjoyable shopping experience at Wavy-earplugs.com.

    iDeal is an online payment method that offers Dutch customers the possibility to carry out financial transactions in the safe and reliable environment of their own bank. The system connects the customer directly with his or her own account for Internet banking and facilitates 327 payments. iDeal is, therefore, a perfect choice for easy shopping at Wavy-earplugs.com.

    Credit card
    Credit card payments are the most simple and most popular ways to participate in (international) financial transactions. Of course, Boisnard Music also offers its customers to pay credit cards. Boisnard Music effects VISA and MasterCard customers and provides a secure environment for payments.

    1.5 How do I become a Wavy retailer?
    Wavy X2 Earplugs available through Wholesaler "BBHearing".
    If you are an official hearing care professional and would like to add our Wavy X2 Earplugs to your assortment, please contact Hearingmarket Wholesaler "BBHearing":
    Phone: +31 (0) 88 530 60 20. Email: [email protected]

    Or shop directly via the Hearplanet webshop:

    Other stores, web shops or festival organizations:
    Are you the owner of a store, webshop or festival organization and would you like to add Wavy earplugs to your offer?
    Send us an email at [email protected] with the following information:

    • Your contact details (full name, e-mail address, home address and telephone number)
    • The name and the (web) address of your store or festival.
    • The date on which you opened your (web) shop or started with your festival organization.
    • Some pictures of the store/festival. Please do not submit more than 3 photos, max. 2 MB per photo.

    A short description of your store or festival concept, marketing strategy and target group.
    Information about any other branch or organization that you own.

    The assessment process will take some time, so your patience is greatly appreciated. We will contact you as soon as we receive the results of your application.

    1.6 What are the acoustic filters?
    In collaboration with Dynamic Ear, we offer advanced filter technology. Our filters correspond to the way the ear is sensitive to loud noise. We reduce the harmful frequencies but retain the rest of the frequency spectrum. It has been developed with a large opening to the ear to minimize the occlusion effect (low-frequency emphasis) while keeping the ear ventilated for optimal comfort.

    1.7 What is the difference between Wavy and regular earplugs?
    Wavy combines optimal comfort, sound quality and design in a universal earplug. It lowers the volume you hear to a responsible, pleasant level while maintaining balance and clarity. The optional ear sleeve follows the ear structure for optimal comfort.

    1.8 Which dB levels cause permanent damage to my ears?
    Hearing loss occurs when your ears are consistently exposed to noise of or above 85 dB.

    1.9 How do I wear my Wavy?
    The Wavy X2 earplugs fit perfectly in the ear, the ear sleeve follows the concha hook in your ear in a natural way for optimal comfort. The Wavy X1 earplugs fit comfortably in the ear without the ear sleeve.

    1.10 Who has designed Wavy?
    The earplugs were designed by the internal team of Boisnard Music and Studio Bart Keiren. Our team includes leading audio engineers, product engineers, product designers and other creative heads.

    1.11 When should I wear my Wavy?
    Wavy earplugs are designed to be worn during concerts, but can also be used in loud environments such as in a stadium, in a plane or in the city to protect your hearing from hearing loss.

    1.12 What level of protection does Wavy offer?
    Wavy earplugs offer a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 16dB.

    1.13 What is Wavy made of?
    Wavy earplugs are made of ABS plastic and silicone material.

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